Hypertech Max Energy Code 1000 Programmer is Disabled

As a company who has now been selling for over ten years, we have heard of the fair share of error codes showing up on tuners and helped our customers troubleshoot those errors.  We have also seen many different errors come up on some of the tuners we have rejected during our thorough testing process.  However, just over the past year we’ve experienced a new one a few times on Hypertech Max Energy Programmers.  This error is Code 1000 – Programmer is Disabled.  The first time we saw this was testing a tuner that was traded in towards a new purchase and it had us scratching our heads, but with some research and talking with the technicians at Hypertech we have learned a lot about it and what it means.

Since a tuner will marry itself to the vehicle it is used on to prevent people using one tuner on multiple vehicles, many people want to find a way to get around the lock and unlock the tuner without returning the vehicle to factory settings.  Well there were a couple of eBay sellers out there who discovered a way to open up the casing of the tuner and alter the internal hardware components to reset the tuner and get around the VIN lock.  Hypertech was made aware of this and set up their updater program to be able to discover tuners that have had this hack performed on them.  When one of these previously hacked units is attempted to be updated, the Hypertech server will disable the tuner, rendering it useless.  This will result in the tuner displaying “error code 1000 – programmer is disabled” when it is used next.  We are proud to say that we have never hacked a tuner and therefore none of our refurbished tuners are at risk for this error, but it is definitely something you should be aware of when purchasing a used tuner from other online sellers – even though the tuner may appear to be in working condition at the moment, after an update it could be turned into an instant paperweight.

Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do if you have a tuner that has been disabled, the only option Hypertech provides is to pay them $200 to reset the tuner back to working condition.

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