Bully Dog


Since its founding in 1998, Bully Dog has been known for innovation and creativity among truck owners and enthusiasts. From new vehicle support, to switch-on-the-fly power levels, to big rig power and economy tuning, Bully Dog offers unrivaled solutions to truck drivers the world over.


Derive Systems, Inc. is an automotive software company that offers solutions to customize a vehicle’s performance, connecting customers to a more optimized vehicle. Derive Power, LLC. and Derive Efficiency, LLC. are subsidiaries of Derive Systems, Inc. Derive Power, LLC. is comprised of two brands: SCT and Bully Dog. Derive was formed in 2014 when SCT, a custom performance software company specializing in the American muscle car merged with Bully Dog, the leader in performance technology for trucks and big rigs.Derive combines track-proven technology with a custom calibration software platform that allows car enthusiasts and corporations alike to derive their own way forward.

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