Diablosport Predator 2 2006-2017 Dodge & Chrysler Cars & Jeep Grand Cherokee 7301


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The Predator U7135 was the first handheld programmer ever made for the Dodge SRT8 market. It offered unsurpassed performance and parameter options for the 6.1L and 5.7L HEMI, and it quickly became the industry standard for tuners in the Chrysler world. In fact, most people with a HEMI car that have done any type of racing or performance upgrade probably had a Predator in their glove box.
The Predator 2 picks up where the original Predator left off but offers new creature comforts like a color screen, USB updates, and more. The Predator 2 adds about between up to 25 horsepower and 25 ft/lbs of tq and improves your cars’ shifting and overall performance. The Predator 2 will let you adjust cooling fan on/off temps, axle ratio settings, re-calibrate your speedometer for larger aftermarket tires, and tons more. The Predator is tool that HEMI car owners should have in their toolbox!
2015+ Chrysler Vehicles require an unlocked PCM in order to tune

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